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What Wines When E-Book

What Wines When (Digital PDF E-Book)


There are literally tens of thousands of wines selling at less than $20 a bottle in Ontario - some really good, some quite ordinary at best.


What Wines When has selected 200 best values (48 of them sell for less than $12!), carefully combining our independent input with respected Vivino ratings.


With 35 million users, Vivino crowdsources ratings and prices for wines worldwide. Our special picks are for wines that on average cost 37% less than more expensive wines with similar Vivino ratings!

In the book you will also find much more including:

  • Wine 101, a 28-page easy to read introduction to wine to help you become a smart buyer

  • Suggested food pairings for each wine reviewed

  • A selection of 40 low carb/low sugar wines suitable for diabetic and keto diets

  • Specific wine recommendations for special occasions

About the Author

Chris Harrop enjoyed a successful business career which took him from his Toronto base to more than 65 countries during which time he was also able to pursue a lifelong passion for food and wine of all types.


With absolutely no formal training or qualifications in the wine world, it is his goal to simply help everyday consumers sort through a bewildering array of wine choices, styles, prices, etc. and select the top value wines at reasonable prices.

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