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Vintage Wine Recommendations for Thanksgiving

Vintages represent wines from all over the world, many of which are often only available only in limited amounts. As a result, they don't appear regularly, although some do re-appear from time to time.

For instance, while there are more than 800 wineries in Canada, most of them produce relatively small amounts of wine. Vintages will often feature products from these wineries which are normally only available for sale at the wineries themselves.

More and more, we are seeing Vintages released at very attractive prices to test whether or not there is enough demand for their product to warrant a full future listing.

Every two weeks, Vintages introduces 125+ new products in stores and online, with many of them selling for less than $20 a bottle. There are some great wines to be had for those willing to be a bit more adventurous.

In honour of the upcoming festivities, we've put together our top three Vintage wine recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner.

La Fleur de Francois Brut Cremant de Bordeaux $16.95

Starting the festivities with a fizzy wine always lifts the spirits! Here is a French sparkler with a terrific 4.0 Vivino rating at one third of the price of Champagne, but made by the same process.

Effervescent with fine bubbles, there are tastes of apples, pears, grapefruit and toast all nicely balanced with just a touch of sweetness, but not bone dry.

Make sure you have an adequate supply on hand because this is a food friendly wine and some of your guests just might want to drink this throughout the meal.

ABV 11.9%, 10 g/L residual sugar.

Kew Marsanne/Viognier 2017 $19.95.

Roast turkey generally suits a more substantial wine than does most fish or chicken dishes, so here is an opportunity to highlight a domestic wine for Canadian Thanksgiving.

A style reminiscent of the south of France, you will taste oranges and lemons along with juicy yellow plums in this smooth flavorful wine.

It has nice balance and drinks smoothly so its low sugar content (ideal for low carb diets) is not noticeable.

ABV 13.0%, 2 g/L residual sugar.

Lornano Chianti Classico $18.95

There are those of us who like to drink red wine with virtually all foods (guilty as charged), so here is a typical Italian Chianti which fits the bill nicely and sports a 3.8 Vivino rating.

Classic tastes of cherries and other red fruits with some oak and smoke notes, it is a touch fruitier than many Chiantis.

Like many Old World wines, it is a very good food wine which will also benefit from an hour of breathing before being served.

ABV 14%, 4 g/L residual sugar (ideal for low carb diets)

If you're always on the hunt for great-tasting wines without a hefty price tag, check out our pocket guide, What Wines When – 200 Top Value Wines Under $20. Informative, entertaining and money saving, it also makes a great gift!

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