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The Truth About Low Carb/Low Sugar Wines

Great news, there is a place in diabetic and keto diets for low carb/low sugar wines (generally defined as having a sugar content of 4 g/L or less).

Experts like Dr. Susan Williams at the Cleveland Clinic state “Articles have been published highlighting research that modest consumption of wine – and even tea and cocoa – may have a protective effect in the development of diabetes.”

There are some great value wines to be found, including some well known brands, which do not sacrifice taste or quality but still represent excellent value.

Following are three examples:

Low carb wine 19 crimes

19 Crimes Shiraz Durif

Fortunately it’s not a crime to fall in love with this big fruit bomb.

Price: $18.95

Vivino Rating: 3.8

Australia: South Australia

Aromas of dark fruits and tobacco. Blackberry jam and red fruit tastes with pepper and spice. While smooth and forward tasting slightly sweet, it is actually a very dry wine and the high alcohol does not overwhelm. Goes well with grilled red meats in smoky barbecue sauce

Frequently on the Vivino Best Under $20 list.

ABV 14.5%.

Res. Sugar 2 g/L

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

The highly popular wine which put Pinot Grigio on the world wine map.

Price: $19.95

Vivino Rating: 3.8

Italy-Alto Adige

From the Piedmont area in northeast Italy, pale straw yellow in colour with classic taste profile of yellow and green apples, pears, peaches and citrus fruits. Medium bodied with good balance, it is dry and refreshingly light on the palate. Serve with pappardelle pasta with pesto.

Perennially on the Vivino Best Under $20 list.

ABV 13.0%.

Res. Sugar 3 g/L

Alario Sauvignon Blanc

Bargain-bin wine from a highly popular Chilean producer.

Price: $9.30

Vivino Rating: 3.6

Chile: Central Valley

Young and light bodied with citrus notes against grassy background flavours. Not bone dry but crisp with a short finish,. Serve with lightly spicy shrimp tacos

ABV 13.0%.

Res. Sugar 4 g/L

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