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If You Like Dry Wines, Try These

We often get asked for wine recommendations that are not too “dry”, so here is a pair which should fit the bill nicely.

It's important to remember that our senses can fool us, and a wine can be “dry” in that it has low sugar content,* but its fruitiness can deliver a sensation of sweetness.

Conversely, a wine can have elevated sugar levels but taste “dry” because of high levels of tannin.

Our notes are designed to give you the actual sugar levels but also describe whether a wine will be perceived as being dry.

*Generally speaking, a wine with 4 grams of sugar per litre (or less) is considered appropriate for low carb or diabetic diets.

Lignum Vitis Frappato - Shiraz ($13.10)

Italy; Sicily

Terrific value for this highly rated, big fruity wine. Deep purple colour and dark fruit aromas. Big and bold, blackberries, ripe plums, and chocolate tastes from the Shiraz.

The rarer Frappato grapes add sweet berries, spice and hints of tobacco to round out a sweetish (21 g/L sugar) wine but which has a nice balance between tannins and acidity.

The wine really benefits from breathing before serving with famous Sicilian dishes like caponata or Pasta alla Nonna.

ABV 14.5%. Organic.

Casas Del Bosque Reserva Sauvignon Blanc ($8.25)

Chile: Casablanca Valley

Excellent value for this aromatic, fruity Sauvignon Blanc which has a slightly sweetish taste although it is dry (3 g/L sugar).

Pale yellow in colour with baked apples and pears on the nose. Tastes of citrus and grapefruit are nicely integrated with tropical fruit and pineapple with a touch of grass and gooseberry in the background.

Medium bodied with mild acidity, this is a crowd-pleaser which can be sipped or served with grilled fish.

ABV 12.5%. Vegan.

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