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Best Cheap Wine Glasses For Everyday Wines!

There is really no requirement for consumers to have a wide variety of wine glasses for ordinary use, nor do they need to be expensive.

One of the most respected wine experts, Jancis Robinson, has stated that there is no need for more than one well designed wine glass for all occasions.

So, while there are literally hundreds out there to choose from, here are examples of six different styles of good quality but inexpensive all purpose wine glasses.

And most importantly, all of these picks are dishwasher friendly!

Finally, we are into the holiday season, and these can make great gifts.

Svalka All Purpose 15 Oz. Wine Glasses ($7.99 For Six, $1.33 Each). IKEA.

It should come as no surprise that IKEA has one of the best priced offerings on the market, a classic design. (We actually prefer their Storsint 17 Oz. Glasses which are a little more “expensive” ($19.99 for 6, $3.33 each). Check them both out.

LINK Stacking Wine Glass ($5.95 each). Crate & Barrel.

We are really surprised that there aren’t more of these stackable varieties out there. Ideal for a wide variety of smaller spaces like condos, cottages, RV’s etc., these are sold as singles which makes it an even more practical alternative. Shop these glasses.

Michley Unbreakable 20 Oz Wine Glasses ($32.99 for 4, $8.25 each).

The ultimate in practicality, they are attractive and are manufactured from Tritan plastic, which looks as close to glass as it gets but contains no BPS (Bisphenols) and is EA Free.

The maker also claims they will not warp or crack in the dishwasher.

Available through

Dailywear Stemless 17 Oz. Wine Glasses ($15.99 for 4, $4.00 each). Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Durable but chic with elegant lines, these glasses are really attractive and also highly versatile (they can be used as water glasses, for juice, etc.) as well. Learn more.

Falcone 14 Oz. Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses ($32.99 for 4, $8.25 each). Wayfair.

Whether for indoor use or for outdoor activities like picnics, camping or drinks on the patio, these are attractive and the ultimate in practicality. Shop them on Wayfair.

Duralex Picardie Tumbler (Widely available from less than $3.00 each).

We just could not have a discussion about wine glasses without talking about Picardie tumblers.

Ubiquitous in France, where they are seen everywhere from bistros to school cafeterias, these unbreakable, unchippable, microwavable, stackable tumblers would seem an odd choice for wine, but are exceedingly popular.

Varying in size from 3 to 17 ounces, we would settle in the middle of the range, they are widely available.

No surprise, the last time we looked, Costco was selling packs of 18 glasses!

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