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Our informative book makes it easy to choose a bottle of wine that suits your price point, taste preferences, and social event! Gain an overview of wine terminology, wine production, and grape varieties before delving into our comprehensive wine suggestions.

Each of the 200 wines reviewed includes a short, detailed description that includes its price, Vivino rating, country of origin, alcohol by volume (ABV), and residual sugar content. Colour, flavour, suggested food pairings, and special occasion recommendations are also included.

Ready to become an expert on the best wines at the LCBO?



Visually appealing and easy to read, this comprehensive book about wine includes:

  • A reader-friendly, 28-page introduction to wine to help you become a smart buyer

  • 200 informative reviews of the LCBO’s best value wines priced at under $20 per bottle

  • Suggested food pairings for each wine reviewed

  • A selection of 40 low carb/low sugar wines suitable for diabetic and keto diets

  • Specific wine recommendations for celebrations including barbeques, dinner parties, and weddings

  • Available in both a digital PDF eBook and 200-page pocket guide.

An Invaluable Wine Guide for Beginners and Seasoned Wine Enthusiasts Alike.

Independent Wine Reviews

What Wines When is a result of combining our independent research with Vivino crowdsourced ratings, the most widely used and recognized crowdsourced rating system for wines.

The information-packed pocket guide highlights 200 of the best wines at the LCBO and supermarkets. The wines we’ve chosen cost less than $20 per bottle in Ontario and are on average 37% less than more expensive wines with similar Vivino ratings.

By also providing 28-pages of basic wine information, What Wines When makes it easy to go from beginner wine lover to connoisseur – without breaking your budget.

About the Author

The author behind What Wines When, Chris Harrop, is no stranger to the world of wine. During his successful business career, he travelled from his Toronto home to more than 65 countries, eagerly experiencing the food and wine found in each region.

Harrop’s book aims to empower your decision-making at the LCBO while taking the mystery out of purchasing a great, affordable bottle of wine.

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